This product is brand new and unused BLADESTORM: Nightmare CD Key for Steam.

About BLADESTORM: Nightmare:

After 7 years, BLADESTORM: Nightmare has returned and debuted on Windows for the first time!
Experience the ultimate statement with Ser Direct X!!

[Features of the Windows version]
One feature of the Windows version is the number of characters displayed, drawing distance, etc., based on your computer’s features. Such is the ability to make detailed graphic settings.
For high-end PC users, using the highest settings optimizes DirectX11’s capabilities, improves battlefield graphics, and delivers an incredible gaming experience at high frame rate.
In addition, since it is possible to customize the controls, you can create a control scheme that you will enjoy for the best gaming experience.

[Features of BLADESTORM: Nightmare]
◆ A new type of Action Game! Manage squads that push the enemy to forget!
Players became mercenaries in the war for hundreds of years and led the warrior cadres of elephants, bowmen and horsemen, elephant troops, warrior troops, and siege weapons, which served to lead their sides to victory in a dynamically changing battlefield.
Players control male rosters, using unique Actions to destroy the enemy for an innovative and exciting experience. Each soldier, both an enemy and an ally, is painted with the breathtaking intensity and shocking reality of the brutal conflict between the great forces, under the direction of his AI.

Tro 200 The excitement and strategy of controlling 4 teams up to the Union!
Players can switch between up to 4 teams. Switching between teams allows them to move over a larger area. In addition, combining cadres with an army of 200 people allows players to perform powerful simultaneous attacks and combinations based on aggressive squad for an exciting new gaming experience that combines the thrill of attack and depth of strategy.

Zengin A Rich Story Mode, including Nightmare!
In the “Century War oyun, players have a free mission system that allows both British and French to experience the war from their point of view. Joining and interacting with historical heroes such as Joan of Arc and Black, Edward brings the story to life.
In addition, we’ve added an original Nightmare mode featuring giant monsters such as dragons and overhead projectors. When Britain and France come together for a common reason to fight mysterious monsters in a whole new event in the world of war for a hundred years, the heroes of history are once again invited to fight.

Technologies A New Gaming Experience that uses the latest technologies and introduces exciting new elements!
The latest graphics technologies have been used to create the incredible battles of a medieval battlefield. We’ve also added an online multiplayer function, a revised character editing mode, and several new features for a fun new gaming experience.

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